Buying a hoverboard is easy since many are available at a nearby store or in online sites such as Amazon or eBay. But not any board will do. Many different brands and models available in the market almost look the same in appearance and parts inside.

Still, riders have their criteria for picking a hoverboard that suits them. They are looking for certain qualities which will enable them to ride comfortably if not safely. They could also pick a model that will enable them to perform tricks and turn more easily. Here are the basic criteria that users are looking for in a hoverboard.

Size and Weight Capacity

The hoverboard should fit the rider’s feet perfectly. The user must have enough room in the board to stand comfortably while

riding it. Make sure that the hoverboard you are buying is made of quality materials. Cheap or counterfeit brands usually buckle under a rider’s weight due to substandard materials.

Top Speed

The need for speed among hoverboard riders makes this as one of the top criteria. The typical board runs within the range of 5 to 10 mph. But there are exceptional ones that can reach more than 15 mph. Before buying the fastest one you can get, it is better to check if the city or state you are in has a speed limit for hoverboards. Such detail is important in cases where you can use the board on public roads or streets.

Climbing and Cornering Capabilities

The hoverboard’s ability to climb a certain angle generally depends on the size of the hoverboard, wheels, and motor capacity. Climbing will also cause the board to lose some of its speed. The ability to turn tightly is also a criterion. But most board models have zero rotation when turning to a corner.

Check the Batteries

The hoverboard can only run as long as the battery has electricity. A single charge should take the hoverboard some

considerable distance away. Read the manual to find out what is the maximum distance for the hoverboard with a fully charged battery. There were also issues about exploding batteries not too long ago. Make sure that the hoverboard you buy has an authentic UL certificate.

The Price Should be Right

The price for the hoverboard varies depending on the brand, model, and capacity. The most expensive ones do not always have to be the best hoverboard out there. On the other hand, the cheapest model might turn out to be more trouble than it’s worth. There’s no exact science that can determine the price range of the right board. The only rule of thumb to remember is you get what you pay for.

There are several criteria that buyers use to determine the right hoverboard for them. These can include size and the weight capacity of the board. Some would like to get the fastest hoverboard available in the market. Other factors such as battery quality and price can influence buyers in their buying decision. These are just the basic qualities that most hoverboard enthusiasts are looking for.