Longboarding is always a great way to enjoy weekends, have fun, or to simply get across town in fashion. However, choosing the right longboard entails more than just picking out what looks stylish and cool. Here are a few things you may want to consider if youre currently on the lookout for the right longboard for you.

Understand the basic components of a longboard.
Technically, a longboard is very similar to a skateboard. So, the different elements or components of a skateboard should also apply on a longboard. The only difference is that the deck is usually longer, typically ranging anywhere from 33 inches to 59 inches and can also be varied in width from 9 inches to about 10 inches. You will still need the same wheels, ball bearings, trucks, hardware, and griptape. Understand that the each of these components has its own unique characteristics that can significantly affect the way in which your board behaves. This also translates to what you can accomplish with it.

In general, the longer the board the more relaxed and more stable the ride. You may also want to look at the kicktail. The kicktail allows you to perform quick turns and many amazing tricks. However, if you require greater stability for cruising, you can forget the kicktail. You may also want to consider the shape of the wheel. If you want quick response or for sliding, a round lip is a great choice. However, if you require greater grip especially for cruising, then a square lip is the one to choose.

Determine how you wish to ride a longboard.
Longboards come in various types often depending on the style of riding that you wish to accomplish or perform. For absolute beginners, choosing a longboard thats designed specifically for cruising should be at the top of the list. These types of boards provide you with a more relaxed run, gentler ride, easy transportation, and can literally bring you from Point A to Point B. If you dont like simple cruising and would prefer doing some tricks or even running on an old-fashioned skating, then having a freestyle board is a great choice. If you prefer carving downhill, riding on city streets or over hills, or even performing some technical maneuvers, a free ride longboard is the way to go. If you need something especially built for racing on straights or on fast downhills, the downhill longboard is an excellent choice. This means you will need to consider your skill level. Absolute beginners should do pretty well with a cruiser while seasoned pros would do best in a downhill type.

Consider the flex of your board.
The flex of your board deck is one of the most crucial aspects to longboarding. The more flex it has the greater is its shock absorbing properties. This makes it excellent for cruising. If you want to perform some tricks or go really fast on the run, go for stiffer boards.
Choosing the right longboard is all about understanding how the different characteristics of each component can be harnessed to achieve a particular purpose. Hopefully, youre now more confident than ever to start picking the correct longboard for you.