The game of American football has come a long way since its humble origins and split-season nature. Indeed, football now has what is essentially a year-long season, where fans can get involved and celebrate the sport whenever they want. Because of this, people can easily enjoy football in different ways, depending on their level of dedication, social background and how seriously they get involved. One of the most essential parts of American football is the tailgate partying that takes place before each and every game. Here is some awesome info about tailgating in the United States.

These types of parties provide the perfect opportunity to hang out with friends, enjoy a drink or two and be a true fan. Fans love grilling great food, listening to music and talking about their team with fellow fanatics. In the southern part of the country, these events are even seen as more of a ritual than anything else.

The northern part of the country loves to party and support their teams, but not like they do it in the south. The differences between northern and southern football events extends beyond peoples ticket buying habits. Southerners go all-in with camping, RVs and weekend long parties. People in the north typically tailgate before the game and sometimes for a few minutes after. This is mainly because the weather is a lot colder up north, so it is difficult to get people to camp for an entire weekend in freezing temperatures.

Northerners tend to feature foods like sausages, grilled burgers and other cold weather feasts. Southerners are all about chili, smoked wings and ribs and a variety of warm weather foods. You can even see a bunch of wild cooking competitions between fans and friends. Both locations will feature a lot of different beverages like beer, hard liquor, Jello shots and much more. If there is one thing that will never change about tailgating, its the amount of alcohol consumed by all party goers!

One thing that is the same whether you are in the north or the south is the tailgate games. This is one of the most integral parts of the overall experience. This mainly due to all of the custom gear and products that exist out there. People love to support their favorite team and play some great games while doing it. Games like cornhole, bags, beer pong, golf pong, polish horseshoes and others can be seen nationwide at every one of these events. If you are looking to integrate one of these games into your next party, you can easily learn some great cornhole rules, ladder golf rules or freshen up on any of these other games by doing a little research online. You will be a true tailgate master if you can bring one of these fun tailgate games into the mix.

There are a lot of different ways to ensure that your next event is a huge success. Whether you are in the northern or southern part of the country, you can easily spice up any tailgate by grilling some food, providing a variety of drinks and playing some of the worlds most popular drinking games. If you get into the routine of hosting a party that people love going to, you will be the guy that everyone turns to at each event. This will allow you to enjoy every aspect of American football in the United States.